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Black Aluminum Notebook Carry Cases

Black Aluminum Notebook Carry Cases

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Aluminum Attache Cases

1,Material: 3MM MDF with black aluminum panel.

2,Custom make document pocket in up lid, lining in down lid.

3,Sliver aluminum edges and corner, Handle with two combination locks

4,Size: L460 x W330 x H150mm

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Product Description

Black Aluminum Notebook Carry Cases

Aluminum Attache Cases

Aluminum Attache Cases made from 3mm thickness MDF and black aluminum panel.

Custom make document pocket in up lid and lining in down lid.

Suitable for carry computers, laptop, documents magazines, notebook and calculates.

Pen holders can easy carry your pens.

This ABS case can protect your laptop, notebook, calculates and documents well.

Waterproof and fireproof.

Support system easy for stand when case opened .

MSAC Case has brought for you the best premium Sturdy black aluminum notebook carry cases for your best notebooks which can keep not just one but two or three notebooks altogether in the same case. Don’t worry about the integrity of the case, it has string metal aluminum design which itself is durable and strong enough to survive falls with a cushioned compartment inside to keep your notebooks safer than anything can. The case even comes with other smaller compartments beneath the top cover of the case for keeping other items in a separate place without mixing them with your notebook and opening certain damaging situations for dents and scratches.


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