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MS-M-05 Anodize Blue Aluminum Suitcase Briefcase For Sale

Quick details:

1, Design No.: MS-M-05

2, Color: Blue,Silver, Black, Red or custom made

3, Size:  460*350*88mm/460*350*115mm

4, MOQ : 200pcs

5, Inlay: Pocket or foa

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Product Description

MS-M-05 Anodize Blue Aluminum Suitcase Briefcase For Sale

MS-M-05 Anodize Blue Aluminum Suitcase Briefcase For Sale is total brand new design for the market. This design aluminum attache briefcase is updated from old version. The new customs combination lock is very popular in market. The handle also updated, more comfortable than old version.

Custom made MS-M-05 Blue attache case is also acceptable, the inlay will be document pocket, pick and pluck foam or custom made die cut foam for belongs. Or other request from Client directly.

Our MOQ 2oo pcs for custom made. wholesale or drop ship also acceptable.

Welcome to MSAC to choose your color. Normal color will be Silver, Black, Red, Pink or Blue.

The Aluminum Suit Case has been invented for the needs of professionals who have to travel around with their expensive professional equipment or documents. They are always worried about airport handling and so cannot relax during journey.  These come with features like:

  • Quick Catch Mechanism with a carry handle
  • Reinforced Metal Corners for keeping contents safe
  • Pre-Cubed foam block and Carry Strap for carrying comfort
  • These perfectly fit the TSA standard for flight traveling
  • The shapes and colors are perfect for fitting the gadgets

Aluminum Suit Case are tough so would last for long time therefor specifically helpful for makeup artists who get used to placing products at specific locations and can pick without even looking.

Looking for your ideal technical Aluminum case that only looks futuristic but has well durable metal body walls and a great style? MSAC Case brings a great MS-M-05 Anodize Blue Aluminum Suitcase Briefcase for Sale in its first time to bring the best of worlds, strong metal case, and dedicated compartments for your important documents and items to keep together. The case has sturdy metal polished walls with a pure aluminum handle, side hinges to offer top-level security and safety while traveling with the case. The case also comes with a side supporting hinges for positioning of the case properly at right angles proving for better efficiency and quick unpacking.


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